Thursday, November 11, 2021

37 weeks

Well, I did it. Or we did! 

We made it to 37 weeks, which is considered a term pregnancy, which means I am no longer at risk for preterm labour. 

And we did it all on our own (i.e. without manufactured hormones)!

It's nice to have the constraints surrounding those pregnancy complications disappear, but now I'm left to wonder when this baby will make an appearance because I'd really rather not be induced because I prefer as few interventions as possible. But also the notion of a firm deadline is rather appealing, like, for sure I won't be pregnant after Thanksgiving. 

But I kind of wish she'd come on her own before then because I'm so tired of being pregnant.

But also I know that when she's inside, she's quiet and cared for. 

But on the outside there are so many other people who can hold her.

But we'll be trying to recover from the mess that childbirth is.

And I still have a few final projects to do. 

So maybe she should stay in for a while longer. 

But also I really just want to eat a big, fat muffin. 

I feel like that would do me a world of good. 

But I can't have a muffin while she's on the inside.

(I have wanted a big pumpkin muffin from Costco for so long).

With Zoë and Alexander, I knew my body would go into labour soon after I stopped getting the 17P injections because even though research has now shown that they really aren't necessary for preventing preterm labour (they were just trendy and a certain company found out they could make a ton of money by convincing doctors that it was necessary; love that for me (those injections are not super fun)), they become necessary once you start taking them because your body depends on the injection for the stay-pregnant hormones and you don't just start making them full-swing once the injections stop. So with Zoë and Alexander I knew I had a week or two after stopping the injections before they'd make their arrival.

But this time around it's a big wildcard. 

And it's stressing me out way more than I thought it would. 

Like, 37 weeks was always the goal.

But now that we're here, I'm like...okay...this baby's just getting bigger...can we be finished yet?

Anyway, everything's looking fine. I had another non-stress test today and didn't bring nearly enough reading material so found myself on Facebook and there I found some homeschooling mom in the area selling a set of DK Eyewitness I spent my non-stress test coordinating the purchase and pick up of those. 

Benjamin will be so excited when he gets home because he loves those books.

He spent the afternoon and evening at Griffin's house (his third cousin, but the closest thing to family we've got here)* so our house has been incredibly quiet this afternoon. Dylan's house (my second cousin, but the closet thing to family I've got here)* was probably less quiet. 

* As Dylan said, "Family is family. We don't do 'removed!'" That's very much how that side of my family is. Like, a cousin's a cousin no matter how distant. 


  1. I am so glad that Benjamin and Griffin are forming a friendship!!

  2. That didn't take long! Did she read your post? Hope you got a big fat muffin! :)