Sunday, November 28, 2021

Phoebe's Blessing Day

Last Sunday I realized two things: (1) we hadn't made any plans about Phoebe's baby blessing, and (2) we only had Grandpa here for another week. So I brought up the topic with Andrew and he said he'd ask the bishop for permission to bless Phoebe at home this Sunday. And then I forgot about it (because I have a few other things on my plate) until yesterday afternoon when I asked Andrew if he had heard from the bishop.

He had not because he forgot to contact the bishop at all, so he quickly texted the bishop and got an equally quick response. So, we blessed Phoebe early this evening (or late this afternoon). It ended up being 5:00 because that was a good time for Brother McClure to pop by. 

Phoebe, of course, wore the same blessing gown that I wore, which Auntie Josie later wore, and which Rachel, Miriam, and Zoë all wore in turn. Phoebe was just about drowning in it—compared to her sisters, who were each a few months old when they were blessed—but I think she looks quite similar to my picture in the blessing gown. Phoebe hasn't quite had time to grow her cheeks yet...

But she's beautiful.

Daddy gave a lovely blessing to Phoebe, "locking in" her gentle nature, he joked. 

 Here's Phoebe with her Daddy and Grandpa:

And with Mommy and Daddy:

Taking family pictures increases in difficulty with every child we add, it seems, but we got a few good ones in there:

And here are a few of sweet Phoebe hanging out under the Christmas tree:

It was a quiet afternoon without a lot of fanfare (thanks to the pandemic + distance from relatives), but Naanii and Bumpa (and Patrick and Josie) were able to Zoom in...

And we all got to enjoy Phoebe (and Grandpa) throughout the day. Here's Benjamin holding Phoebe before church:

Here are the kids enjoying some story time with Grandpa before church:

And here's Miriam holding Phoebe before leaving for church:

Now that she's fully vaccinated she's joined the in-person-church crew, just in time to begin playing prelude for Christmas music! She had a blast playing the organ at church today.

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  1. So sweet! Congrats to Phoebe on her blessing day. I love the pictures so much. That one of Grandpa with the kids is precious, as are the family pictures - and, of course, all the pics with Phoebe in her blessing gown. :)