Friday, November 05, 2021

Almost over!

I have about a month left of this semester and a month left of this pregnancy and I'm feeling pretty good about things. I've been working long hours to get ahead and now all I have left to do is:

one more "critical response" in Digital Resources

 one final (group) project in Digital Resources

 three quizzes in Writing Pedagogy

 two zoom sessions in Writing Pedagogy

 one final project in Reading Instruction

 a variety of work stuff

 one baby delivery

So I think the next month should be entirely doable, though when I look back at this semester I think I will forever wonder whether I was suffering from a severe lapse in judgement when I signed up for all of this. Taking twelve (graduate) credit hours while working and being pregnant and homeschooling five kids in the middle of a global pandemic was a little bit...nutso.

That said, I've just about made it through—we've all just about made it through—and I think next semester will allow for a little more breathing room. I met with my advisor the other day and she's being very flexible with my schedule due to my...impending circumstances. I've somehow plowed through all the required coursework for my degree except for my research methodology course, so I will definitely be taking that class next semester. And then my schedule will mostly be filled with research credits so I can design my thesis for a newborn... 

And keep raising my other five kids... 

And work (the conference I'm helping plan is next semester, so things will be busier then than they have been this semester, or so I'm told). 

And, honestly, that still sounds much more relaxing than what I'm doing now.

We also talked about taking the summer (and maybe even the fall) off completely (though I will still use that time to write and research) and then taking my final thesis course next spring (when I'll graduate), which also sounds like a good plan because I'm tired.

I don't think I'll ever regret taking this many courses this semester because I did need/want to get them more or less "out of the way," so to speak—before Big Life Changes happen (hello, baby)—but I think I will always and forever look back at this semester and laugh while wondering what on earth I was thinking.

At least, I hope I'll laugh.

I guess I should get through all my final project stuff before deciding whether to laugh or cry...

P.S. Master's degrees go by really fast, guys!

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  1. Your last line validated my thought of “What?! How is she so close to done?” I’m simply amazed by all you’re doing and hope this next month goes smoothly for you!