Monday, November 01, 2021

Hogwarts robes

This is my last Halloween post, I promise (for tonight, anyway). I just wanted to note how much mileage we've gotten out of the Hogwarts robes I made for Rachel's fifth birthday! 

She used them for her birthday party (2012).

She used them for Halloween in 2012 when she went as Hermione.

Then Miriam used them in 2016 when she went as Luna Lovegood (with the lion head).

Then Benjamin wore them in 2018 when he went as Neville Longbottom.

And then Alexander wore them this year to be Harry Potter. 

And I just realized that I completely forgot to include pictures of this year in this collage, which means I'll have to post a new collage later. 

And eventually we'll have to convince Zoë to dress up in them as well. For continuity's sake!

(I don't know why she hasn't because she also likes Harry Potter, but oh well).

Edited to add: It's later! Here's a collage with Alexander thrown into the mix!

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