Monday, November 01, 2021

Birthday messages for Alexander and Miriam

October was kind of a busy month, but now it's barely November and I've already stripped the tree of its birthday wishes (doubling as Halloween decorations) and am ready to record our sentiments about both Alexander and Miriam. Andrew...didn't get around to writing on birthday balloons this time around (even though we reminded him multiple times). In his defense, we usually do these as part of family night, which we still do on Mondays, and Andrew hasn't been home on Monday evenings this semester. He was also otherwise occupied with going-out-of-town business and picking-up-all-the-slack-for-his-pregnant-wife business.

Here's what we had to say about Alexander this year...

Mom wrote a poem (trying to convince the kids there are other forms of poetry besides acrostic poems):

There once was a boy full of wishes
If you're wondering his biggest wish, this is:
To play—no regrets—
Until we forget
To make him put away the dishes!

Just kidding (or am I...?)! You're a wonderful little helper and a good listener! I love you!


Happy, happy birthday, Alexander!

You've come so far with your speech skills this year, my vegetable-loving little boy! You're becoming so independent and grown up. I love your imagination—you're always dressing up and playing make-believe. You are a sweet and loving person—always up for a snuggle (and I love snuggling you)!

Rachel wrote:

Amazing brother
Excellent hugger
Reader (almost)

You're so caring, kind and sweet. You're always humming and helping and happy and you're so eager to learn. I can't believe you're four already! I love you!

Miriam said:

I love you so much! You've grown up so much and are so independent. You have learned so much and have so much to learn. You are never afraid to learn something and learn very fast. You are a big boy now! I love you!

Zoë wrote: 

Happy birthday! Love, Zoë

And when I reminded her that we should be writing meaningful messages, she added an acrostic poem but abandoned it in the middle of writing:



Alex is awesome.

And here's an acrostic from Benjamin:

Endlessly caring

I remember making the "get past the red car game" with you. You loved it!

And here is what we had to say about Miriam...

Benjamin said:

Happy birthday, Miriam. I love you because you fill the house with music.

Mom said:

Our musical Miriam's gentle and kind
At needlepoint she is extremely divine!
Erudite & cheerful
All the day long
I'm forever grateful 
That Miriam's mine!

Thanks for being wonderful you! I love you!

Rachel wrote:

Marvelous sister
Incredibly nerdy
Rad organ player
Absolutely amazing
Musically adept

You're so smart, kind, and talented! I love watching shows with you, making you read the books I like, and sharing a room with you (even though you forget to do laundry sometimes). You fill our house with art and music, and I'm glad you're my sister!

Zoë wrote (in cursive-ish):

I love Miriam because she helps me with cursive handwriting and is smart!

She also made a little pumpkin that said:

Meme is a very good organist and fills the house with music every time she practices.

And she drew a picture of herself with Miriam, with an arrow pointing to Miriam's head and a label saying "brains," so she is either a zombie or she thinks Miriam is smart. Not sure which.

Alexander wrote:


We'll take it!

Sprinkled among the bats, pumpkins, and ghosts with meaningful messages were bats, pumpkins, and ghosts simply decorated to look like bats, pumpkins, and ghosts, or making general Halloween pronouncements like "BOO!" (or "OOB!"), "EEK!" and things like that. It turns out Halloween shapes were a little distracting from the idea of birthday messages, but we had fun anyway and sure do love our October babies (and are very glad that Phoebe was dedicated enough to her due date to be a November baby because three October babies would be a little bit much, don't you think?).

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