Sunday, November 14, 2021

Phoebe the fugitive

Well, folks, she's been at it again!

Once more Phoebe set off all the alarms and locked all the doors!

She was on her way to the nursery to visit the pediatrician this time. The nurse had just left my room, which is kitty-corner to the door to The General Hospital (which babies aren't allowed to enter) and was just making her way past the door when another nurse "badged in," which caused the door to fly open while Phoebe and the nurse were standing right there.

Phoebe's ankle monitor did not think this was appropriate so it quickly sounded the alarm and locked everything down. 

Things were resolved much faster this time, however.

There was a bit of a commotion in the hallway, my nurse rushed into the room to tell me about the confusion so I wouldn't panic, and because they had prior authorization they just had to call in to headquarters to let them know what happened.

But that's two escape attempts in less than 48 hours. Phoebe has me concerned for the future. 

Will she be a little escape artist...?

Only time will tell.

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