Thursday, January 27, 2022

Checking in because apparently I haven't written anything since Saturday

I was really hoping this semester would feel easier than last semester, but so far it hasn't. So far I'm feeling in over my head, like I should have dropped at least one class, like I hardly have time to breathe (let alone get anything accomplished). 

I'm doing my best to enjoy this stage, but mostly I just want to get Phoebe on a predictable sleeping schedule. Deep down inside, though, I'm not a believer of predictable sleeping schedules. I believe that babies need to be supported through the dark and scary night. I believe that eventually they'll learn to fall asleep on their own. And I have evidence this is true because all my kids fall asleep on their own now...except for Phoebe. 

Is Alexander sleeping in a cardboard box instead of his bed? Yes. 

Does that actually matter? No. 

Can I think of a "burning question" to study about poetry + education this semester when all I can think about is how I'm going to get my next "fix" (of sleep)? I honestly don't know. 

I'm not doing a good job of writing down anything cute that the kids are doing because when I get a spare minute to sit down and type anything, it's school stuff. The reading part of my schoolwork is fairly easy because I can do that while giving Phoebe the snuggle-time she feels she deserves. But typing is just harder for me this time around than it was with my other babies? 

Honestly, I think it's my chair. 

I have just an office chair to sit in, but with my other babies (aside from Miriam), I had a rocking chair to sit in while I typed just worked better for balancing a baby while typing. 

So...that's it. That's the tea: my brain is fried and I still have to write up multiple research proposals this week, have a bunch of stuff to do for work, and Thursdays are just the worst. 


  1. The right chair so important! As you know, we moved right after Prima was born via c-section. All our furniture was packed out when she was 11 days old, so we lived on loaner furniture for the next 6 weeks which is often likened to hospital waiting room furniture. We were also in and out of the hospital a lot, and it's an apt comparison and not comfortable at all for recovery and learning how to nurse a very tiny human. Then we we were in a hotel for three weeks, so I was reunited with my couch and bed until she was about 3 months old. We finally went rocker recliner shopping when she was 5 months old, and I seriously felt like Goldilocks trying several out and getting the one that was just right. It was a miraculous day when it arrived at our house.

    So I feel this. Hard. I hope you can keep figuring it out! Maybe a neighbor or someone your local buy nothing group has a rocking chair you can use?