Saturday, June 23, 2007

1 month to go

You know you've reached a good point in your pregnancy when you are counting down instead of up. It's nice to say, "I have four weeks left." Instead of, "I'm 17 weeks along." We're definitely in the final stretch here.

And I'm feeling the burn. I'm ready to be done with this belly and have my baby. I suppose we'll give it a few more weeks though; I have so much to do around the house! I sure hope that "nesting" thing happens sometime soon, otherwise I'm not sure I'll ever have things ready for the baby.

Well, here I am with only one month of pregnancy ahead of me:

Wearing the traditional shirt
I suppose I'll write more tomorrow about my birthday and a few other events that happened to occur on my birthday, although have nothing to do with my birthday. Right now I'm tired so I think I'll try to convince Andrew to put Harry Potter down, give me a nice massage, and then go to bed...see how tired I look in the second picture--Andrew just took that a few minutes ago. That face is a sure sign that it is time for some sleep.

Last night we had a sleep over in the living room because I couldn't sleep in the bed. I just kept tossing and turning and...well, I don't really know why it's so much easier to just prop yourself up perfectly on the couch. Maybe if I get a really good massage I can brave the bed again tonight. I tell you, this baby is heavy. I don't really understand it because my weight seems to have peaked--although I am not gaining weight, not enough to speak of at any rate, my baby seems to be getting bigger still and my back sure is noticing.

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  1. You looks so great! You are almost there! yay!

    Is Andrew reading the sixth Harry Potter in preparation for he seventh!?1