Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Milestone in our Marriage

With all of our oddities, I really wonder what this baby is going to look like. Will she have my toe-thumbs? Will she have Andrew's impossible-to-tame double swirl on the back of her head?

I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

I cut Andrew's hair last night in only 15 minutes. This is a huge improvement considering his impossible-to-tame double swirl is quite impossible to cut evenly. I usually take at least a half hour to try and get his double swirl at every possible angle, and even then it doesn't work out well. However, last night I just zoomed through it, no problemo.

Upon further analysis this morning, I did miss some spots, as I usually do, but this time they were around his ears, not his swirls! (I'll fix those later)

I felt very accomplished, and he feels happy to be bald again. I'm not sure what his beef is with hair--he looks so handsome when he actually has some...not that he doesn't look handsome otherwise...

As I was cutting his hair he said, "Wahoo! I'm bald again! I can feel the air going right through my head!"

I pointed out that this implied that he no longer had anything between his ears...but what he meant was that his hair was so short that he could feel the fan blowing on his head--through his hair.

All I know is that he can't wait to have a boy so that he can buzz his hair. That, and Andrew's sole desire for old age is that he goes completely bald.


  1. Ha ha, that's so funny! You know I tried (twice!) to cut Daniel's hair, and it was impossible! His hair is like thick animal fur and it is insanely straight, so every mistake I make (which is every cut I make) is painfully visible. Those two times, I cut his hair, we ended up shaving it off. I leave it for the salon specialists to wrestle with his hair now. :)

    so I am impressed whenever I hear of someone cutting their own family members' hair.

  2. Something to do with being missionaries... I don't know very many guys who come off missions and grow their hair out to any normal length again! lol. Of course, Andrew's probably had this anti-hair fetish since he was a child, eh.

  3. He's always been a head-shaver--it took some coaxing to have him grow his hair out for our wedding (so that he didn't look like he was 12!)

  4. Of course, he was an RM for our wedding, too...but yeah, all through his grade school years he shaved, too.