Friday, June 22, 2007

Josie's Folkdance Camp

Josie spent the week on BYU campus living in DT. She attended the BYU Folkdance Camp and really quite enjoyed herself. She made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun...and even learned some dances. She hurt her foot on Monday night though so didn't spend as much time dancing as she could have otherwise, but still had a great time.

She was part of the Ninja Clan--from Japan. While they were making up their cheer, she tried to do a fancy kick while soaring through the air. Apparently the kicking and soaring part went well, it was the landing part that was her downfall (and how she hurt her foot).

After showing us a few dances, the audience got to join in the fun. Here we are doing a Lithuanian dance...

It was quite exhausting, really...but also so much fun!

Josie also did an Israeli dance and...another one that I can't remember...She had a fun time though and didn't want to leave, even though everyone else had. It was pretty funny. We were waiting for her in the lobby of DT hall Q and while we were waiting, a ton of girls left with their families. Josie came downstairs and we were like, "Great, let's go!" and she was like, "We can't go yet!" The reason: she wanted to say goodbye to everyone. Unfortunately, she had taken so long trying to find people that no one was there anymore.

She'll survive though. Apparently everyone she wants to keep in touch with is on facebook.

The Israeli Dance

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  1. How fun! You guys looked like you had lots of fun!

    I think like almost everyone is on facebook! Sheesh!