Friday, June 08, 2007

Three times a lady

We finally broke down and bought a prenatal yoga video. I've been doing it every day since it arrived and I think that I'm getting better at it. I was doing yoga with some girls in my ward, but of all the times I've gone I've only met up with anyone twice. I figured that twice in two months is not very good odds, which is why we purchased the video.

It came on Monday and for Family Home Evening we were going to do yoga together (Andrew is trying to be supportive). He was totally fine with it until the instructor suggested we all get on the floor and do some kegel exercises--then he decided that this yoga DVD was just for me.

I gladly claimed the first part of the movie because the second part of the movie teaches the "birthing partner" (read: Andrew) massage techniques. I gladly turned that on for him and told him to pay attention because my back is sick and tired of carrying around this extra weight.

Last night he was so nice and was using some of the techniques that he learned. I was having a fine time until I noticed a bug on the bed. Every now and then I will see a bug on the bed. I don't know why. It's always the same type of bug and I have no idea where it comes from because I changed the sheets and we flipped over the mattress looking to see where they could be hiding. Alas, we found no bug in sight...we just find them occasionally and always on the bed--never the floor. So, I said to Andrew,

"Ugh, there's a bug on the bed!" He removed it, because he's a gentleman. I complained because I am sick of finding bugs on the bed, and because I'm a lady.

"It's only happened once," he said, trying to soothe me.

"Once?!?" I asked in disbelief.

"Okay, twice..." he said, a little less sure of his ability to soothe.

"Twice?!?!" I asked, equally shocked.

Andrew gave up on soothing and instead decided to go for some humor.

"Once, Twice...Three times a lady!" he sang.

This got me laughing. I'm not really sure why because neither one of us actually know that song and weren't even really sure that it was a song because he sang it to the tune of Look to the Rainbow from Finian's Rainbow, a song that I've had stuck in my head for the last few days and, consequently, have been singing. He was just so silly about it--it's part of our prenuptial agreement: he is to make me laugh every day. Not that we have a prenuptial agreement, but we did have some things we agreed upon before we got married, so I suppose that is technically--although informally--part of our prenuptial agreement.

Well, Three Times a Lady really is a song and it's by Lionel Richie, so it's completely possible that we've both heard it before, although Brick House is so much more well-known because it is featured on DDR (also known as Dance, Dance Revolution for those in the audience who are less-street).

Truthfully, I really think I've only found three bugs. So far, that is...


  1. I've never heard the real song either, but I know that line from Seinfeld and also SNL years ago. Maybe that's where you heard it...

  2. do you think that the little bugs come from a window or something? What kind are they?

    I just had to laugh when you mentioned the Kegel exercise. I remember trying to explain those to Daniel, and although I don't think he really understood what I was talking about, he encouraged me everyday to work those muscles...ha ha

  3. DDR= Deutsche Demokratische Republik... really. :) You know Finian's Rainbow too??? Cool!