Thursday, June 21, 2007

Seeing Double

The instructor for our prenatal class was a little scatterbrained this past week. She was half an hour late and then kept saying crazy things like,

"I'm going to tell you a sure-fire way to know if you're labor."

Since all of us in the class are obviously pregnant (except for the men), we all knew full well we were pregnant...

Anyway, Andrew did great through the class until she got to the part about how women's pelvises have cartilage in them while men's don't, so that a women's can bend during labor. She brought out a replica of a pelvis and started bending it back and forth. Andrew looked like someone punched him in the stomach and he only looked worse and worse as the class went on.

I'm not quite sure he's ready for this whole labor thing. Then again, I'm not either.

I was thinking, though, just how glad I am that it is only one. I think you lose enough brain cells with one, I can't imagine how many you go through with two.

This morning I babysat my friend Kim's twins while she went to drop her car off at the shop.

I sat and read for a while since the twins were still sleeping. Then one woke up (I wasn't sure which one since you kind of have to study them for awhile to tell them apart--and I didn't want the awake one to wake up the asleep one) and I took her out, changed her diaper, played with her for a bit, and then put her in the high chair to feed her breakfast. In the middle of feeding her breakfast, the other one woke up.

I took her out, changed her diaper and took off her onesie since she had soaked through it. I then put her in the other high chair and started feeding her as well. Deja vu.

There I sat for the next half hour, giving this baby or that baby a handful of Cheerios over and over and over again.

This baby would laugh and eat a Cheerio. That baby would laugh and eat a Cheerio. This baby. That baby. This baby. That baby. I concentrated on trying to tell which one was which while keeping a steady stream of Cheerios going.

When Kim got home I was finally ready, though.

"Okay, this one is Isabelle, and that one is Eliza."

"Just a minute," Kim said, walking over and checking this one's arm, "Yup."

I totally forgot that Isabelle has a teeny, tiny birth mark on her arm, but I got them straight anyway.

Then they both started squawking so we got them out of their chairs. Kim and I talked about how quickly my due date is coming. Kim's excited to have me be a stay-at-home-mom, too, so that we can hang out, even though our girls will be about a year apart. We talked about labor for a while and I said,

"I'm not looking forward to pushing out one baby! How did you do two right in a row?"

"Oh," said Kim, with that my-endorphins-made-me-forget-how-painful-labor-really-was voice, "After you push one out you don't really care what else comes out."

She only pushed for an hour for both of them. Wow. She was only in labor for about 6 hours, total. Of course, she also delivered 5 weeks early. I'm already past that point, but I think I'm definitely ready to be done being pregnant, although I'm not sure I'm quite ready for a baby so I think I'll wait a little bit longer. (As if I have any say in the matter).


  1. One of my best friend's has twin sisters. I spent a lot of time around them, and it got easier to tell them apart over time, as I got to know them better. However, the easiest way was to remember who was dating which boy. There are twins in my home ward I still can't keep straight, except now that one of them is married. It's easiest when you get to know them one at a time, like Doug who was in my FHE group last summer. His brother Paul, who is the one around this summer, looks totally different to me. I've always been afraid that I'll have twins and not be able to tell them apart!

    BTW, you are going to do great! Both of you!

    Wow. That was a really long comment. ;) Love you!

  2. Wow, you get a lot of practice, babysitting everyone's kids. Ha ha, I wish I could have seen Andrew's face. I am sure that he is learning so much from these classes.

    People with twins really have three things coming out....2 kids, then the placenta. You will do great!