Thursday, June 14, 2007

Patrick's 18th Birthday

We haven't been able to celebrate Patrick's birthday as a family for quite a long time. He was in France one year, Canada the next, and then last year my mom just got home from Montreal on his this is the first time in 4 years that we've done anything for him. Oops!

He tried desperately to cover up his excitement, but we're all pretty sure he was happy about it.

It was a really quick party because Dad had to leave for his stained glass class, Josie and Mom had to leave to Josie's capoeira class, and Patrick had to go to Garion's for a party. Andrew and I were planning on going to the library picnic but decided we were too full to have a second dinner.

The cake was really good. At least, I thought so.

I practiced suctioning cups to my face
It was fun to celebrate his birthday again--and we caught him just in time. Who knows where he'll be for his next birthday? And he certainly won't be around for his 20th or 21st birthdays, so it was good we got him while we could.

Oh, and yesterday, I went out to see Miss Potter (about Beatrix Potter) with my mom and Patrick. I cried like a baby. I've decided that I shouldn't watch any more movies while I'm pregnant. It's just too difficult. It was a really good movie though. I was surprised that Patrick wanted to go and see it, but he did and he thoroughly enjoyed it, too.


  1. Nancy I want more preggie pictures!

  2. Miss Potter, eh? Guess who went out to the Lake District 3 weekends ago and saw Hill Top Farm? :) :) Aren't you jealous. And yes, it was lovely, and if I could pick any place to live in England, it would be that area.

  3. Was Miss Potter about her real life? That sounds really interesting.

  4. Actually, Heidi, I am jealous. It looked lovely on the movie and I don't even know if they filmed it on location...

    Miss Potter is about Beatrix Potter's life and it was very least, I thought so. It made me want to read all those little books again!

  5. No, they didn't film it on location, though I don't believe it was too terribly far away from location. The actual house is quite a lot too small for having anything filmed in it, and it would have wreaked havoc with all the "artifacts." I've been all sorts of random places lately. :)