Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another Strange Disease

I found out today that I also have a strange disease--perhaps stranger than Andrew's foot in mouth disease.

It was a long day, but I loved it. I was in singing time/sharing time for three hours (causing me, during my practice with some Relief Society sisters to use some actions to the song we were practicing to try and get them to sing with more feeling. That was embarrassing). Anyway, I had a ward conference this morning with the third ward and then hurried back over to our building to teach Sunbeams with Andrew.

When I got to primary I was already late so I sat outside the primary room and ate pretzels while they were giving talks and doing all the opening things. After the opening prayer, I poked my head in the door and then sneaked over to the Sunbeams. Because they thought they only had one teacher today, one of the little Sunbeams, Brooklyn, had climbed onto the big "teacher" chair, while Andrew was in the other one.

Not wanting to make a big scene, I sat on one of the small chairs instead of claiming the other big person chair. Then they called us up to sing a welcome song which meant that I had to heave myself up out of the chair...a difficult process with a skirt on and a big ol' belly in front.

While we were up in the front being serenaded by the primary children, Brooklyn's mom, who teaches the class that sat behind us, asked Brooklyn to move to the small chair and apparently tried to explain why I needed the big person chair because when I sat down, Brooklyn snuggled up to my side and said,

"My mom says you have pregnancy," and then with a really worried tone added, "What does that do?"

"Oh," I said, "It just helps my baby grow."

That seemed to put her at ease. From the sound of it, I'm pretty sure she thought whatever I had was life-threatening in some manner. Knowing that it just helped my baby grow was comforting to her, although with number of young pregnant girls in our ward I wonder if she thinks the disease is contagious.

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  1. Whenever you don't post for a couple of days, I think you've had the baby! So be sure to keep posting frequently, or at least make sure Andrew posts as soon as things get going (hopefully not for a couple more weeks).