Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Building a relationship of trust

I trust Andrew with almost everything...I still have some reservations about some ballroom lifts, but I did let him lift me while being 6 months pregnant, so that shows a lot of trust, I think. It shows that I trust him (while he's twirling around, mind you) with the life of me and our baby.

However, we discovered something else that might make our trust waiver. Maybe.

The other day I was in the kitchen getting a drink. Andrew was not in the kitchen, but he had left his sandwich on the counter. I really, really, really wanted a bite so I put my water down and went over to his sandwich and commenced eating it, with my back to the doorway, of course, so that he couldn't see what I was doing if he walked in on me.

Andrew walked in, saw my water on the counter and decided that he was thirsty, so he started drinking my water, with his back to me so that if I turned around I couldn't see what he was doing.

I sensed his presence (because he put the cup down on the counter rather noisily), put down the sandwich, turned around and smiled guiltily. Andrew also turned around with a mischievous look on his face.

"Did you drink my water?" I accused first, having heard him replace the cup on the counter.

"Yes..." he said sheepishly.

I laughed, "I was eating your sandwich!"

We both started laughing. Why we didn't just ask each other for a bite or a sip is beyond me. I guess that sneaking each other's food makes us feel rebellious, like we're living life on the edge.


  1. Actually, my back wasn't away from Nancy. I watched her take a bite from the sandwich. I tried putting the cup down as soon as I saw her head start turning around.
    In the end, it was a very sneaky process.

  2. Curses! Spoiled again! Had my back not been turned I would have caught you catching me!