Saturday, June 23, 2007

Not very funny

What do you get when you cross hot weather outside + broken air conditioner + pregnant lady?

a) A girl who's favorite birthday gift was a box fan
b) An uncomfortably hot pregnant lady with swollen feet
c) A girl who, for the first time in a long time, is jealous of not being at work while her husband is
d) One unhappy momma
e) All of the above

Oh, it isn't so bad, I suppose...but when it is midnight and you have all the windows in your house open and your brand new box fan has been sitting in one of the open windows blowing away for the past 2 hours and its' still 88 degrees (31 C) in the house and your husband says, "Don't worry, it will cool off at night..."

...It's then that you think to yourself, It's midnight and the house is 88 degrees!...

But then you realize that you're being ungrateful and things could actually be worse and you're just lucky enough not to live in Dubai and be in the exact situation of being 8 months pregnant and stuck with no air conditioning because for all you know, it could be more like 125 degrees (52 C)!

With that in mind, my 88 degrees was a welcoming thought.

So we went to bed uncomfortably hot and by 6:00 in the morning, the temperature had dropped to 81 degrees (why is our house so hot?). By 7:00 the sun had come up enough to be letting light into our windows so we closed all the blinds, curtains and windows. By 8:00 the house was 82 degrees.

I thought I would turn on the air conditioner just to see what would happen because we still weren't sure if it wasn't working. About 45 minutes later the house was 84 degrees. I turned off the air conditioner and hung sheets up in all the windows.

I have my brand new box fan blowing and my little brother brought over another one from my parents' place. I also have all 3 of our ceiling fans going. It's still 84 degrees (almost 29 C) inside, but at least it's kind of breezy now.

I think I'm going to put my feet up for a new minutes to see if they'll stop swelling (I am quite positive it is just the heat--not preeclampsia, don't worry) and then try to tackle some more of my house.

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