Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beautiful Baby Buns

Sometimes I do Rachel's hair and it's just too cute for I take pictures and then let her sleep in it and wear it the next day, still as cute as the day before just a little messier and less hassle for me.



It still looked good after she'd been running around all day. It survived through several outfit changes (because she likes to change her clothes multiple times throughout the day) and even a nap. And it was a whole lot easier than the french pony-tail pigtails so we'll probably be duplicating this hairdo in the near future.

Here, ball-y, ball-y, ball-y...

I said come here!

Mom! Stop laughing and give me a hand!

Here's our next-day picture. Rachel got up early with me to go workout with some friends this morning and I didn't want to fight with her about her hair. So we just left in her buns all day long. I think they still looked nice. And I just put her to bed...still wearing her buns.

Maybe I'll actually re-do her hair tomorrow...after playgroup. Because why would I do her hair when there's a chance of swimming?


  1. Ah. What a cute little determined face.

  2. haha. that's funny! That's kinda how I do my hair these days... lol

  3. With that title I was thinking another type of baby buns..........

    Rachel is getting so big!

  4. I enjoy misleading my audience at times :)

  5. Oh so cute! I love the buns. Rachel is adorable!