Monday, November 03, 2008

There's a sand castle in my living room

You know you live in Cairo when you sweep your front room and pick up enough sand to make a small fortress.

If you can't remember what my front room looks like, here it is.

And this is the pile of sand that I swept up from just that little stretch of hardwood floor.

I just finished swemopping* the four front rooms and this is what ended up in the dustpan.

Isn't that disgusting? Between Cairo dirt, my hair, and my one-year-old I'm fighting a losing battle and I'm losing something harsh!

At least I will be able to walk around barefooted for the next 24 hours without cringing. And then I'll have to swemop again.

*Swemop is a coined word formed by splicing together the words "sweep" and "mop." Swemopping is the act of sweeping and then mopping in rapid succession, either alone or with a partner. When swemopping alone the swemopper first sweeps and then mops the entire floor. When swemopping with a partner, one person sweeps and the other follows behind with the mop.


  1. Um, so my house probably has that much dirt too... and we don't live in the desert! Hahahaha!

  2. Any place with a lot of dust (Alberta... Cairo... Turkey... Utah) is hell to swemop. :)