Sunday, November 09, 2008

I like ketchup! How about you?

Shortly after noon Andrew phoned home to announce that after 2 and a half months of starving the entire student body, as well as all the faculty and staff, the AUC food court officially opened. He said he was celebrating by eating a hamburger and fries and that Rachel and I should also celebrate.

Since he was stuck on campus all day long he said that although we'd be physically separated, we'd be celebrating together in spirit.

So Rachel and I used to order some burgers and fries for ourselves.

I didn't feel like going out to celebrate since the last time I went out (yesterday) I was accosted by beggar children, attacked by some angry ants, confronted by some baladi dogs, harassed by a man in a car, and followed halfway home by some kid on his bike saying "Hello, Hello, Hello," over and over and over again. On top of all of that, Rachel refused to be carried and refused to walk so she spent the majority of the trip home in tears.

It's nice that ordering in is so convenient!

I gave Rachel some ketchup to dip her chicken nuggets and french fries in. She was excited to get her own puddle of ketchup to play with. She loves ketchup.

At first she was really good and rhythmic. Dip the fry, eat the fry. Dip the fry, eat the fry.

Then she realized that if she just licked the ketchup off the fry she could get twice the amount of ketchup out of the same fry. Dip the fry, lick the fry. Dip the fry, eat the fry.

Soon after that she gave up on fries altogether and started dipping and licking her fingers. Dip the finger, lick the finger. Dip the finger, lick the finger.

She then realized that the area of her hand was greater than the area of her finger, so she started putting her palm into the ketchup and licking that off. Smash and lick. Smash and lick.

Her ingenuity didn't stop there for she soon realized that she was wasting both time and ketchup by using her hands at all. She finished her lunch by licking the ketchup straight off her plate.

I was surprised at how moderately messy she got during this meal--I lucked out because I forgot to put a bib on her! I guess she just didn't want to waste any of that precious ketchup!


  1. That's too funny. She's a wee character, that one!

  2. We can't give the twins any sauces, they'll eat them and not the item that it was intended to inhance. Cream cheese and celery, just the cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, just the peanut butter....etc. At least she'll eat the food too!

  3. She's so funny! I am jealous you can order hamburgers right to your door...