Monday, November 03, 2008

White on White

For some reason Rachel seems to like the white crayon best. She could color for a half hour straight with that thing--on white paper, mind you. I think it's really funny because she doesn't even seem to notice that whatever it is she's drawing isn't showing up.

Sometimes when I want to actually see some artwork I confiscate the white crayon before giving her the box.

Maybe I'm just not artistic enough to appreciate her white-on-white artwork. Maybe she just can't talk well enough to say, "Mom, give me back that white crayon so I can finish working on my drawing. It's called Polar Bear in a Blizzard Covering its Nose."

Or maybe she's conducting experiments on art mediums for the blind.

Or maybe, just maybe, she is drawing really detailed illustrations for a story she's working on and simply doesn't want me to know that she's a prodigy of sorts.

Gee, maybe I should just give her back her crayon....


  1. maybe you should confiscate the white paper instead of the white crayon...

  2. I personally love white on white. White designs on white china. White embroidery on white dresses. Maybe she can just see the white on white better than you can.

  3. kids are odd at times. I found these magnetic dolls, kind of like paper dolls, but they're magnetic for sacrement meeting. Olivia insists the skirts are hats. I think they look pretty funny, but it keeps her quiet, sorta, she tends to name whatever she puts on the doll, shirt, pants, shoe, hat, she wants socks, but she's learning that the shoe and socks are together.