Friday, November 21, 2008

Sidewalks are for strolling

Bur Said probably has the best sidewalk in all of Cairo. There aren't any trees or lamp posts randomly sticking up in the middle of the sidewalk and it's never covered in trash heaps. Cars don't park on it, and it even has accessibility ramps, kind of. It's definitely a great sidewalk.

That said, I hate Bur Said. I find it a difficult road to cross and it's always busy no matter what time of day you go. Karen got hit on that road her first day in Cairo. Oops! It usually takes me a long time to cross it because I hate it so bad!

There are no traffic lights or stop signs; instead they use speed bumps, traffic circles, and train tracks to slow the traffic down.

When we take Rachel out on this road, Andrew likes to push her as hard as he can so that she flies over the ramps. We get a lot of looks, but she loves it!


  1. That's really funny.

  2. OK, I'll admit it: Andrew letting go of the stroller next to a busy road makes me nervous! :)

  3. The twins hated anytime Rose or I let go of the stroller, tilted or anything when they were Rachel's age.