Sunday, February 22, 2009

We're okay

So, there was a bomb downtown a few minutes ago at some cafe at the Khan al-Khalili market, across from the Hussein mosque. 4 dead so far, 19ish injured. Grisly stuff.

We're fine, though. We were at the Lewises tonight tutoring and rocking out to Guitar Hero, far away from downtown.

You can follow the latest news here, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Twitter rocks. CNN just e-mailed me wanting to know if I was an eyewitness and could be interviewed on air, just because they found me on Twitter. Fortunately/unfortunately I had to decline.

P.S. - We forgot to mention here that Philip Rizk was released from his unlawful detention earlier this week after four days.


  1. glad you're safe and philip was released :)

  2. Living in that part of the world is so fun... I remember when a bomb went off in the bank right behind our hotel when we first moved to Turkey. Rather interesting. And the other bomb scares. And the missile scare. And the military buses blowing up. It's a whole different world.