Monday, February 09, 2009

25 things about me

1. 17 people have tagged me to do this post, so far.

2. I think beef flavored oriental noodles (ramen for you Americans) and orange juice go really well together.

3. I “stopped going” to high school after my junior year.

4. I was once listed in the BYU commencement program 3 times under 2 different names, both my maiden and married names. I didn’t even graduate that semester.

5. I love writing but am afraid to submit anything to a publisher.

6. I speak Russian. I live in Egypt. Speaking Russian hasn’t done me a whole lot of good thus far in my life.

7. I didn’t “wait” for Andrew while he was on his mission. I promise. It just happened that I was single when he got home.

8. I once danced on stage while 6 months pregnant.

9. I once played the viola on stage in Germany. I play the viola even worse than I play the piano. It was a group concert.

10. My thumbs are shaped like toes.

11. When I was on a field trip in elementary school we found ourselves face to face with a mother bear. She ended up following her cub instead of us.

12. When I was in elementary school we would actually go over bear and cougar safety before going on certain field trips.

13. I threw up during story time in grade one. It was so embarrassing.

14. I learned how to maypole dance in grade 4. I learned how to ballroom dance in grade 7. I took folkdance my sophomore year at BYU. I learned how to belly dance this year. Next year I think I’ll sign up for a Bollywood dance class. I also want to take a ballet class.

15. A TV fell on me when I was 2. Another one fell on me when I was 18.

16. I didn’t learn to walk until I was around 18 months old. I said my first word at around 6 months old.

17. I love traveling. I want to go everywhere.

18. I want to take a photography class someday.

19. I took knitting lessons when I was little but I can’t remember how to knit. I learned how to crochet when I was in Russia. It’s easier than knitting. At least, I think so.

20. I love swimming but I hate getting my face wet.

21. I lived in Utah for 8 years, thereabouts, but never hiked Mt. Timpanogos. I still want to hike it.

22. I love lemon gelato. So much, in fact, that if you tried to tell me that lemon was the only flavor that existed, I would believe you. Sometimes I try different flavors but am always disappointed. Lemon is where it’s at.

23. My husband is the most hilarious person alive. He makes me laugh everyday.

24. I don’t drive. I hate cars. And cars hate me. I once caused an eight car pile up…as a pedestrian…using the crosswalk.

25. I was “Student of the Week” several weeks in a row for math. Of all things. I hate math.

Did I forget anything stellar? It was kind of hard to think of 25 things, but I bet I could keep going if I tried. Apparently this was all over the news. Crazy. I like to think that by doing this I contributed to history somehow.


  1. #24 was the most interesting experience. Who would think? No wonder I was worried about you guys crossing that street to get to school!

  2. I've lived in Utah my whole life, and I've never hiked Timp...done the cave but not the top. :) So you're not that bad!

  3. This list is too funny, Nancy! I had no idea some of these things about you! Great post!