Tuesday, May 19, 2009

17 weeks

17 weeks down. 23 weeks to go.

My belly is already rivaling the 25 week belly I had with Rachel.

Prego pic 1

Rachel felt the baby move today. Andrew asked her what it felt like and she said, “Tits.” That’s how she says kick. I think she was just repeating what I told her because when I feel the baby move (and I only feel it occasionally) it feels more like it’s rolling over and trying to get comfortable than like it’s battling things out with my insides. But I told Rachel that what she was feeling was the baby kicking.

We’ll see if this baby stays calm or not. It’s hard to know right now because it’s still so small and chances are I’m missing a lot of the movements.

Rachel was all over the place, all the time, it seemed. I was shocked when I saw her on the ultrasound because she was moving even more than I could feel and I could feel her moving all the time. She still can’t sit still worth beans…unless she’s watching a favorite show or it’s sacrament meeting or she just woke up from a nap.

Part of me feels bad about comparing this pregnancy to Rachel’s so often. I feel like a mean mom for comparing my children before I even have two in my arms…but at the same time it doesn’t really feel like I’m comparing them. I think it would be impossible for me to go through another pregnancy without thinking about my previous one(s). I love both children.

They’ll be different. They’ll have different temperaments, different talents, different ideas, different ways of learning and expressing themselves, etc., etc., etc. I fear I’ll have to relearn everything I thought parenting was, but I’ll love them both.

And maybe one day I’ll even do my hair again.

Every star is different,
And so is every child.
Some are bright and happy,
And some are meek and mild.
Every one is needed
For just what he can do.
You’re the only person
Who ever can be you.


  1. What? She can feel your baby? That is so unfair! I felt mine every day for like a week, and now I can't feel him...EVER. I can't wait for Josh to be able to feel him....


  2. PS you're looking BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Wow. My stomach looks like that all the time, and I'm not pregnant and never have been. Actually, no. I lied. My stomach is about 3 times as big as that. And I'm not pregnant and never have been.