Saturday, May 02, 2009

Playing with blocks


Sam has a rather large collection of blocks, at least compared to what we have. Here in Egypt we have exactly 34 blocks. We have Rachel’s little wagon full of blocks from Ikea (24 blocks) and her set of 10 squishy blocks.

In Andrew’s parent’s basement we have more blocks, but more blocks would have been too heavy to pack overseas with us. We do want to get more blocks when we get back home for Rachel to play with since all her blocks back home are square. Sometimes it’s just fun to have more shapes to play with. (Something like this; we’d also like trains because Sam has trains and Rachel loves them).

Blocks (and Lego) are some of the few things that Rachel and Sam can both play with without fighting too much. I think that’s because they can be in charge of their own creations while still interacting with each other. A close-but-not-too-close kind of a game…until they start knocking down each other’s towers they’re good to go.


Here’s Rachel playing with some of Sam’s blocks the other day. I’m making her say some of her new words: rectangle (huh-tano!), macaroni (muh-roni), and little.


  1. Rachel just gets cuter and cuter. I'm glad she had a fun time with blocks. Those are among the favorite toys at our house too. And I love how she says macaroni. So cute!