Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's a snap

Rachel's known about snapping for sometime but she couldn't ever really figure it out. She'd just put her fingers together like she was clinking castanets, which doesn't make any sound at all. Later this became her sign for snack, but she still knew the action was snapping.

Today she finally figured out how to make a noise while snapping by trying to flick some "nose stuff" off of her finger. She made a fairly decent snapping noise and I commented on that,

"Wow, Rach! You just snapped! Can you do it again?"

She said she could. So she reloaded her finger by digging around in her nose for a minute and attempted to flick off her "treasure." Again she made a pretty good noise. And I didn't mind the nose stuff flinging because it wasn't coming off her finger. She did it again and again.

Dig. Flick. *Snap!* Dig. Flick. *Snap!*

Finally we called for a Kleenex. Her digging was proving too lucrative.

Next step: teaching her that she can do the same thing without the nose stuff. Nose stuff is a crutch.

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