Friday, May 29, 2009

We are now accepting guesses...

Do you believe
In the one big sign--
The triple-striped design
Proving a girl is next in line?

Or, do you believe
That we'll break out in blue--
The Old Wives' tales are true
And it's a boy for number two?

Is a she kicking my rib cage?
Is a he joining our brood?
Is this baby a dudette?
Or will we call the kid dude?

We are now accepting guesses...
For this beautiful...
Pending Heissling

I know I already wrote a Flashback Friday post and that this is really a post calling for gender guesses, but when I was in elementary school my friend Nadia and I would always write parodies to songs. We thought we were pretty clever. My favorite was "Let's talk about Sesame Street," based on a certain song by Salt-n-Pepa, which I don't think I ever actually heard in all my whole life and will remain unstated to protect the innocents who read this blog...but it was released in 1991 when I was six years old, just 3 years before Nadia and I wrote a parody of it. That was enough time for the "melody" (if hip hop has such a thing) and lyrics to circulate around an elementary school. It was a controversial song. Controversial songs tend to circulate.

Let's talk about Sesame Street
Let's talk about Big Bird's feet
Let's talk about all the good things
And the bad things Oscar eats.
Let's talk about...Sesame Street.

Yeah, we were just that cool and I had so much fun that I actually never stopped writing parodies. Kind of a lame hobby, I guess, but it's also fun. Sometimes I still think I'm rather clever and I force my lyrics onto other people, like today. (It was a song by Cake, in case you didn't recognize it).

We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. We still don't have an ultrasound scheduled but are planning on finding out the gender and since I'm coming up on 19 weeks we figure that will probably happen sooner rather than later. I haven't actually really looked at those Old Wives' tales--I don't know if I'm carrying higher or lower; I've felt sicker (I think) with this pregnancy; I crave sweet and salty about equally (maybe more sweets, to be honest); I like sleep--so I don't actually know if they're applicable or not.

We are happy either way.

I put a poll on the side so you can guess there and/or leave a comment including more details (day, weight, time, etc.). If you're right we'll say congratulations...that's all we're promising.


  1. I love the name Miriam. I hope you have a girl, it is some much easier, plus you have all the clothes and stuff pretty much. (Or you do in storage in the US) lol! I still have Montana available if you want.....

  2. I still remember:

    We're tiny we're tooney, We can't afford a loonie, It's all because of taxes and Prime Minister Malrooney..........

  3. @ Kelli -- I think Montana is yours always and forever. We don't intend on stealing that name. ;)

    ...And all 'cuz Malrooney invented GST, I believe is how it ends.

  4. How about "My little pony skinny and bony blew a fart and fell apart put her together with glue and a feather My little Pony and Me."

    You used to cry when I sang that hee hee (I'm so mean) But I always thought your Sesame Street one was a gooder.

  5. Oh and I my guess is on Thomas :)

  6. Andrew and I voted in a secret poll. We just revealed our answers to each other. I guessed Thomas. He guessed Miriam. One of us has to be right, right?

  7. I have never once guessed a baby gender right, including my own!

  8. @ Kimberly -- Meh. Well, then guess and we'll count the opposite for you. :)

  9. Another girl would be so fun! However, I must say that boys are oh so fun as well.

  10. I voted Miriam because I like the name better, but really I think it is going to be a boy.

  11. Abra, remember Brave Star.....ears of corn, Eyes of potatoes, neck of a giraffe.....David would get a wee bit put off when we'd start that song....(He was a brave start fan!!!!!)

  12. A boy. Your family needs some more testosterone. :)

  13. I can't wait either way. :)

  14. You seem like the family that will have one of each, so I'm going with boy! Can't wait to find out what you are having! So exciting!

  15. I have always liked "Like totally, for sure." Both the "I just had a manicure" and the "boys are really insecure" versions. Is that a parody that you and Nadia made up, or did you borrow it?

    And I just hope that you have a healthy Thomas OR Miriam. But I did vote for one of them, once I found the poll. I was going to post and say "where is the poll?" but I knew it was in plain sight, and I didn't want to appear totally stupid, so I found it first, before announcing that I couldn't find it.

  16. Like totally, for sure is a pretty common one but there are a ton of versions. I'm not sure where we got it, but it's all over the place. I'm positive we didn't make that one up.

  17. I vote Thomas.
    50/50 chance, right?