Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Today we went over to the Lewis's so Andrew could tutor Jessie in math. She didn't have any homework, which we knew, but we were still going over so that we could spend time with some of our favorite people, eat dinner, and maybe review some of Jessie's previous math tests with her.

I baked cookies before we left. Andrew woke me up from my nap at 3:15 because I asked him to only let me sleep for an hour.

"Do you want to get up and make cookies like you planned to or do you want to keep sleeping? I already know the answer but I thought I'd wake you up anyway."

Truthfully the answer was that I wanted to sleep longer. He had put Rachel down for a nap so it wasn't as if she was keeping him from doing homework...but I got up anyway. And I made cookies to give to Sara for Mother's Day.

Andrew says that added 4 hours to my total time awake today, so it's like I got up at 6 AM instead of rolling out of bed at 10 AM and stumbling over to the couch. I'm just that productive.

"We got a Mother's Day present for you, too!" Sara said.

And it was only the best Mother's Day present ever.

She grabbed Rachel from me, handed 200 LE to Andrew, and sent us out the door on a date. We haven't been out on a date for five months. I could bore you by listing all the ways in which this was wonderful but that would take far too long. I'll just sum up by saying that only having to worry about what went into my mouth was nice for a change. And I didn't have to hose anyone off after dinner.

Staying in for date night is nice and cheap. Going out was definitely nice though.

I hope that Sara enjoyed her lousy cookies. I'm not sure it was a great trade off. I didn't even try the cookies before I gave them to her, although the dough was divine, so hopefully they tasted okay.


  1. People need friends like her.

  2. They weren't lousy cookies! They were great! It's me we're talking about here--all baked goods = good baked goods (unless, of course, they were purchased in Egypt)(who knew I would ever meet a donut I not only dislike but actively avoid).

    We're really going to miss you guys. Start now the lobbying process for his next degree to be done in Southern California, mkay?

    P.S. Did you know that you spelled "favorite" without a u? You really are wiped out, aren't you ;)