Saturday, May 16, 2009

Overprotective Father

Yesterday we weren't really hungry for dinner. We had a late-ish lunch of bagels with fried eggs and were still full from that at 6 PM. So I decided to just make lemon pie filling for us to dip fresh fruit in. Not the greatest dinner, but we weren't hungry for dinner. There's nothing wrong with occasionally skipping straight to dessert, is there?

Lemon pie filling is better when it's cold, I think, but it wasn't so terrible hot, either. Rachel called it soup and had several helpings. She'd blow on a spoonful and slurp it up.

"Man, this stuff is so good!" said Andrew, "What's in it?"

"Guess." I said.

"Lemon juice," he answered, starting with the most obvious ingredient, "Sugar, corn starch, flour..."

He had seen me add those last two or I'm sure he wouldn't have guessed them.

"Also salt," I said, "And egg yolks."

"Egg yolks?!" he choked, "Is that good for you to eat when you're pregnant?"

"Why wouldn't it be?" I asked him, "We just had eggs for lunch, including the yolks."

"Yeah! But those eggs were cooked!"

"So are these eggs," I assured him, "That's why it's hot. Because I boiled it. On the stove. For several minutes."

"Right," he said, "Keep eating."


  1. Sometimes, I worry about you two. So, what's a levy?

  2. My friends who are living in Doha just got out of the hospital because of Salmonella poisoning from eating cookie dough.'s probably good that he concerned about you eating raw eggs....also probably good that you're there to remind him that boiling counts as cooking.