Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rachel sees a bird

This afternoon we went to the church so that Rachel could play in the yard. While we were there, a bird landed on the ground. Rachel saw it.

"Bird!" she said, pointing.

"Yes, that's a bird," I agreed, "What's he doing?"


"Yes, he's walking. What else is he doing?"


"Yes, he's jumping, too! What do you think he's doing on the ground?"


"Yes, he probably is eating. What do you think that bird eats?"


"Maybe. But he probably eats something else, too. Something that lives in the grass. What else does the bird eat?"


"Yes, the bird eats bugs."

The bird flew away, either because he had finished scavenging or because Rachel scared him away with her vibrant answers.

"All gone!" she said, "Away! Away!"

"Yes, the bird is all gone. He didn't walk away, though. How did he leave?"


"Yes, he flew away. Where did he go?"


"Yes, he flew up into the sky. Did you see where he landed when he was finished flying?"


"Yes, he landed in a tree. Do you think he lives in the tree?"


"You think he lives in the sky?"


"But he can't stay in the sky all day! What if he gets tired and needs a rest?"


"Birds build houses, you know. They're called nests. They don't build them in the sky and most birds don't build them on the ground, either. Where do you think they build their nests?"

"In 'ere," she said, pointing up to a tree.

"In where?"


"That's right! They build their houses in trees!"

Sometimes it's just nice to get outside and explore.


  1. That is so cute! Is that the most coherent conversations you've ever had with her?

  2. Very nice. I was imagining some pictures to go along with that, and you'd have a great board book. Love the title, too.

  3. Aren't conversations with the little ones just fun? I love watching them think things through, their answers and their eyes light up when they say something witty and make you laugh. Children sure have a lot to teach us about life, don't they?

  4. :) I'm loving conversations with my niece at the moment. She knows what she's saying. I sure don't! lol.

  5. Is it OK if I tell myself that you child is unusually intelligent and if mine isn't as smart that doesn't mean he's dumb?