Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kicking, prenatals, and whining

This morning I was woken up early by something other than needing to run to the bathroom to go pee (although since I was already awake I got up and did that anyway). I finally got woken up by uncontrollable spasms in my belly. It took me a few seconds after I was awake to realize that was probably the baby.

As soon as I touched my tummy the little one guilty of kicking me sulked away as if they had been reprimanded instead of embraced.

It probably thought that Rachel was around. This poor kid.

Rachel's always been very sure of herself. If you poked her, she'd poke back. She kicked the transducer away during her ultrasound. If I tried to rearrange her she'd lock her legs so they stayed right where she wanted them, usually in my ribcage. The only reason I know that is because she continued doing it postpartum.

She still is a child who knows what she wants and goes after it. She spends long periods of time during the day "bonding" with the baby. She yells messages through my stomach, pats my stomach, kisses my stomach, rubs my stomach, etc.

It's no wonder this baby hid when I touched it. It has Rachel for a big sister.

I think I'll be alright if this baby is a little more timid than Rachel. Two Rachels in a row would be too tiring so if this one's completely different I'm really okay with that.

Last night we were putting laundry out to dry. I had just taken a prenatal. At least, I had just attempted to take a prenatal but five minutes later it felt like it was still working its way down my throat and wouldn't ever get all the way down to my stomach unless I drank a whole gallon of water to finish the job. I hate that feeling.

"You know that feeling when...?" I asked Andrew, explaining my symptoms.

"Yeah, why do they make those pills so big, anyway?"

Truthfully, I don't know. Pregnancy doesn't seem to be the most optimal time to be forcing women to swallow horse pills, what with the gagging and dry heaving. I'm not even a dry heaver when I'm pregnant but I still care about trying to get those huge things all the way down. You'd think the prenatal companies would realize this and change things. Would it be so bad if they made them smaller (and more swallowable) and directed us to take 2 at a time instead of having us swallow a huge pill so oblong in shape that it's almost rectangular?

I could probably swallow a piece of Lego as quickly and easily as I can swallow a prenatal.

And while I'm asking questions...

Dear Second Trimester,

What is up? I thought we were friends. I've run out of ideas to fix things. The ball is in your court.




  1. I read the title and thought that most of this post would be about Rachel. :)

  2. GNC's prenatal vitamins say to take 2 daily. They are huge. My mom is a pharmacy tech and you can cut the prenatal pills in half to take them if they are too large to swallow. I'm a good pill swallower, but have had to cut them in half sometimes.

  3. I decided prenatals are a scam anyway. It makes me feel better for not being able to take them....rather not being able to eat anything EVER if I do take them. I decided that nutrients and food in general were more important that acid folic or otherwise.

    Also I'm sorry about the 2nd trimester forgetting that you're friends. Maybe it's just bitter that you moved to Egypt?

    And most importantly YAY for feeling the baby!