Monday, May 11, 2009

So considerate

In our bathroom we have two potties. One is a big, regular potty and the other is a little, baby potty. Rachel likes having her options, although I am trying to wean her off of the little potty since she's perfectly capable of going on the big one and the big one is much less work for me. Still, she likes her little potty so she still likes to use it.

She just announced she had to use the bathroom--by stripping off her clothes and hightailing it out of the living room--so I followed her into the bathroom.

"Do you want to use the big potty or the little potty?" I asked her.

If she wants to use the little potty she'll just get on and go. She needs a little bit of help with the big potty--arranging the stool and so forth--and will hold it until you put her on it...unless she can't.

Today she wanted to use the little potty, but I knew that she had to do some #2 because she hadn't gone all day so I said,

"You can go on the little potty if you just go pee. I like it when you use the big potty for your poopies, so if you have to go poo poo you need to go on the big potty."

"Otay, Momma," she said and hopped on the little potty.

I left to take care of some things. She usually calls out for me when she's finished, so I listened for her little voice. I heard it much sooner than I expected.

"Momma! Momma! Hep me! Bid potty! Bid potty! Hep me!"

I ran in there and she was dancing around by the big potty.

"Hep me, Momma! Fas! Fas! Fas!"

I picked her up and put her on the big potty.

"Tay-tu, Momma! Yittow potty--pee. Bid potty--poo poo."

If we have to keep using the little potty, that's the way I'd prefer it to be.

The other day she also told me, "Diaper--pee. No not!" which is something I've been trying to get through her head for a while. Hopefully the fact that she tacked "no not!" to the end of what she thinks of diapers means that we're close to nighttime potty training.

I hope so!


  1. I loved my little potty, too. I still remember that. I am sure that I used it much longer than my mother would have liked me to, but it was really a fabulous potty. What can I say? A girl can really like her potty.

  2. My three year old still looks at the toilet like it's going to bite her bum off or something. Sigh.

  3. Wow! That's impressive. And cute! I love how much Rachel can communicate. I am definitely a fan of this learning-to-talk and express yourself stage of toddlerhood.

  4. She loves you! Happy Mother's Day or day after....I'm never really sure what day it is over there....