Saturday, May 23, 2009

He is such a guy

We're all feeling much better today, although the house is still in complete disarray. Hopefully I can get that all sorted out by tomorrow at 10:30 when my visiting teachers come over, although if I just leave it messy and continue to act really sick maybe they'll just clean it for me...

Andrew seems to already have his energy back (I don't; of course, that may have been because I had none to begin with) and he even did one of his infamous home improvement projects this morning.

The florescent bulb in our bathroom went out a few days ago and we've just been ignoring it since Andrew fixed the little incandescent one over the sink. We had enough light to brush our teeth and "uneat our dinner" and did not have enough energy to worry about finding a replacement bulb, so we just didn't bother.

Early this afternoon Andrew was brushing his teeth and I was eating some lunch. He came running out of the bathroom, grabbed the tape measure, and ran back into the bathroom.

I heard the tape measure whirring as he pulled it out and then heard a *GURGLE* *OW!* *GAG!* *CRASH!*

"Please tell me you're not brushing your teeth and measuring the light bulb at the same time...some things shouldn't be multi-tasked." I guessed from the table. Andrew loves planning out strange things to multi-task just so that he can tell me he did them.

He stumbled out of the bathroom, toothbrush in mouth, tape measure in hand. "Oh, it gets better," he hinted.

"What, did you pee at the same time, too?" I asked sarcastically.

"No, but that would have been cool. The light switch was turned on and I didn't notice and stuck the metal end right into the light socket when I was measuring. Whoa! What if I peed while electrocuting myself while measuring the light bulb while brushing my teeth?"

Well, that explains the ow and the crash. The toothbrush explains the gurgle and the gag. He is such a guy. But at least our bathroom has enough light to take a shower again.