Monday, November 30, 2009

Test Run

Grandma left for South Africa earlier this evening; she’s going to visit her sister, Dorothy, who is on a mission in Port Elizabeth with her husband Raymond (they work with the Perpetual Education Fund). We have mixed feelings about having her go.

It’s been wonderful to have her here, but I think we’re both kind of excited to see if we really can handle life (+2 kids) without her.

I did get the dishes washed tonight so it just might be possible.

Frankly, the only reason we are excited to see if we can handle having her gone is because we know that she’ll be coming back after a week, so it’s only a reality test run. We get her back for the rest of December, thank goodness. Perhaps by then we’ll really be ready to take the reigns. Maybe.

Rachel handled the parting better than I thought she would, although she did try to stowaway into the cab with Grandma. She knows, though that Grandma is only going for a week to visit her sister. She’ll be back soon. No tears were shed, surprisingly enough, and Rachel went to bed willingly.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes and if we end up eating something more than oriental noodles.

Have a fun time, Grandma! We’ll be counting down the days until you get back…


  1. You guys will do great, I have no doubt! You're such a great mom, Nancy!

  2. :) Good luck! I look forward to some awesome stories this week.

  3. so how did it go today?
    01 December 2009 at 20:05

  4. Not too bad, really.

    Rachel is wearing pj bottoms and no shirt. I am wearing clothes only because Miriam peed on me, otherwise I'd be in pyjamas still. Miriam is wearing clothes only because she spat up and drenched herself, otherwise she'd be in whatever she was in yesterday.

    Living room and play area = disastrous... See More

    We did crafts at the kitchen table and had three meals, none of which were oriental noodles...and the kitchen table is mostly clean.

    Rachel only had one time out.

    I did a load of laundry AND hung it out to dry.

    Now I just have to put Rachel to bed somehow and wait for Andrew to get home from "class." Just kidding he's here! Hallelujah! :)

    Play group tomorrow?
    01 December 2009 at 20:20

  5. definitely!! I will see if Jill is up for it. I am still training my cleaning lady she only comes Sun and Wed but is perfect that way but I will stay for at least an hour 10 or 11?
    01 December 2009 at 20:28

  6. Ummm...let's say 10. We should be up by then. :)
    01 December 2009 at 21:12