Friday, March 04, 2011


This morning the girls were colouring together and Miriam inadvertently drew a complete circle. Rachel immediately flew into a tizzy.

"Mom! Mom! Mom! Miriam drew a circle! She didn't just scribble, Mom! She drew a circle! Look! Here's her circle! Look at it, Mom, look! It's a circle! Look at Miriam's circle! See? A circle! She drew a circle! A circle, a circle, a circle! Look!"

"Wow, that's so nice," I said.

"Circle!" said Miriam importantly.

Because of this little incident I've been looking at circles all day long. Miriam has been scribbling on every piece of scrap paper in the house and then thrusting the paper in my face so I can adore her circles, which most of the time aren't even circles.

Since she can say circle we're now trying to teach her what it actually means. It's a little over her head but eventually she'll get it.

On a side note, if they ever have auditions for Dora: The Musical, I think I'll have Rachel try-out. She'd be perfect because she can't say anything—it must be yelled.

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  1. On the same side note, I personally hate Dora because she YELLS all the time! She never just talks. It's always yelled. And it drives me crazy! Thank goodness for other kid-friendly shows that talk normally.