Monday, March 21, 2011

That pesky lamp

Today was a hard day. The morning was great—Katie (Rachel's friend from Cairo) and Mirza (Katie's mom and my friend from Cairo) came over to play and/or chat (depending on whether you are Katie and Rachel or me and Mirza). Katie and Rachel spent about 0.2 seconds being shy and then ran off to play together. Those girls are two peas in a pod.

No, the morning was fine. It was the rest of the day was hard.

For example, our floor lamp got bored with standing by the window and decided to browse the fiction section. When it realized it was stuck, it petitioned to the blinds for assistance. The blinds tried to help it back to its proper spot using its pull-cord as a lasso.

Unfortunately, the blinds haven't been working out as much as they used to and weren't able to pull the lamp up before I got into the room. I straightened them out and told them both to stay put.

At least, that's what I'm assuming happened because no one else in the house seems to know anything about it. Even though there were two little girls in the room when it happened they didn't seem to notice anything out of the ordinary and "weren't even playing by the lamp..." *sigh*

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