Sunday, March 20, 2011

Long run

This morning Wendy and I got up dark and early to go running. Nighttime was still lurking in the sky—the moon looked swollen, about ready to burst out of its place, fighting its own eminent setting. The moon was unnaturally large, really, because it's supermoon time—when the moon is at it's perigee and passes by the earth so closely that you feel you could reach out and grab it from the sky to see if it really is made of cheese. Tonight it's actually supposed to be at its biggest in 18 years (since 1993) but it's all overcast and dreary outside so it's completely obscured.

Lucky me, though! I got to see it this morning!

Wendy and I ran 20.25 miles today. We ran up the canyon to Vivian Park and back home. It was actually quite a nice run. Long. But nice.

When I finished I was tired but I felt that I could go the next six miles. I didn't even feel like I was going to cry (or die) this run...unlike last week...and I'm hardly sore at all. My legs feel tired and used but I think by tomorrow I'll be just fine.

I was worried the whole time about running into a bear because I am the biggest worrier in the world. But instead of a bear I ran into my friend, Steve.

It was funny because I was just telling Wendy about how stinking fast he is and then we crossed paths (he and his crew were coming out of the canyon while Wendy and I were heading in).

Steve is so much nicer than a bear.

He smiled and waved instead of eating me.

Wendy and I were a little worried when we got to Bridal Veil Falls park because it said the park was closed. Other people were running on the trail, though, so we decided we could, too. The trail was nice and clear until just past the falls and then we learned why the park was closed.

We had to jump over fallen trees, work our way past boulders that had fallen onto the path, dodge patches of deer scat (and what looked like wolf scat, but just a bit of that), slide across ice, crunch through a foot or so of snow and, at one point, even had to pick over the yet-unmelted aftermath of an avalanche. It was like an obstacle course. But we did it!

And then we turned around and did it all over again because...well, we had to get home somehow!

We are so hardcore.

Even though we walked up the big hill on the way home. 

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  1. Well done! It's crazy to me how much the conditions of the day effect the ease of the run. Also, it's crazy to me that you ran into an avalanche - I mean...have you MET you? I'm proud.