Sunday, October 02, 2011

Five Temples

Remember when the Provo Tabernacle basically burned down on mine and Andrew's anniversary? It made me rather sad.

Well, today when President Monson finally showed up to General Conference—since when is the prophet late for conference?—he announced a few new temples:

Paris, France.

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Durban, South Africa.

Star Valley, Wyoming.


Provo, Utah!

They're going to rebuild the tabernacle to resemble its original architecture but they're going to turn it into a temple. I'm very excited about this, although I hear the church had to purchase a historic landmark from Provo City to get enough land for the temple grounds—I hope they keep that building and turn it into a visitor's center or something instead of demolishing it.

It will be beautiful, even with the NuSkin building behind it. I hardly noticed the NuSkin building when we'd have stake conference at the Provo Tabernacle so I don't see how it will ruin the view of the new temple.

This will make Provo the second city in the world to sport two LDS temples (the first being South Jordan). But since the first temple is called the Provo Utah Temple, what will the second temple be called? I kind of like Provo Utah Heritage Temple or Utah Valley Utah Temple for conventional names, though I'm partial to Provo Templenacle and Seven Peaks Temple for silly names.

They're in the process of building a meeting house near BYU that will be strictly for stake conferences so we won't need the tabernacle for stake conferences anymore—not that we've been using it for conferences since December of last year, anyway.

I'm just a little bummed we won't likely be around to see it be built. Maybe we'll come visit for the dedication. Or maybe we'll still be living here (but hopefully not).

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