Monday, October 03, 2011

Willkommen: Bumpa Returns!

Today my dad flew home from Germany, where he's been for the past six months working as an intern with the Department of Defense as an Equal Opportunity Assistant. While he was there he got to go to France, as well as travel around Germany a little bit. He had a great time but he was rather tired so we'll have to let him tell us more about his adventures later.

Rachel, Miriam, and I went to the airport with my mom to pick him up. We left the house a little late so we were hoping that perhaps his plane would be a little late, too. Unfortunately, his flight arrived a half hour early so instead of us waiting for him at the airport he was waiting for us!

While Miriam was napping this afternoon Rachel and I made a sign for Grandpa. Rachel did most of the work, although she was a little nervous about writing in German.

"I don't know other alphabets!" she fretted. "Like, I just can't write in Arabic—it's too squiggly! And Russian is too hard, too! So I can't do German. I can only do English!"

"What if I told you that German uses English letters?" I asked.

"It does?! Okay, we can write in German then!"

Her sign says, "Willkommen Opa!" and "Welcome Home, Grandpa!" and "Grandpa Bruce" and "Rachel." We coloured the German flag together.

Putting it on the stick was her idea. She lovingly sanded it in the backyard so that she wouldn't get slivers in her hands while we held it up in the airport. Not that we ended up doing a whole lot of sign-holding at the airport, anyway, given that we arrived half an hour after Grandpa did!

Rachel carried it around a bit at my parents' house, though, so that she could practice her protesting skills in case she ever needs to protest anything one day.

She's got the whole good protestor/bad protestor routine down pat. That's a thing right—good protestor/bad protestor? Oh, wait...that's cops.

Anyway, welcome home, Dad! I'm glad we finally found you at the airport!


  1. Yay! I'm glad he got home safely!!!!!

  2. I am very happy your dad got back home safely... Rachel looks fine as a protestor! :)

  3. In that dress, Rachel looks a bit like a suffragette in the second photo.

    Your mom must be so happy! :)