Thursday, October 06, 2011

Soggy socks

Yesterday, after much harassment and nagging from Rachel, Grandma dragged the boxes of Halloween decorations out of the storage room and let Rachel and Miriam help decorate the living room. They thought it was so much fun! And then the sun went down...and it got dark...and they had to go to bed.

That was less fun.

Miriam was so spooked by the skeleton in the hallway that she could hardly sleep—she won't even walk down that hallway in the daylight today although she boldly professes that the skeleton doesn't scare her.

Rachel had nightmares about child-eaters, which taunt children before eating them—Peter, Peter child-eater! She spent the night in our bed.

It was a long night.

This morning both the girls were still feeling scared so they followed me around like ducklings and I could hardly get anything done. We were rushing to get out the door to get Rachel to school. I finally told them that they would be fine while I went to brush my teeth and that Miriam was to finish eating her breakfast and that Rachel was to put her socks and shoes on. No buts! (And no following me!)

While I was brushing my teeth, and relishing the first few seconds of not having children clinging to me, I heard screaming from the kitchen that could only mean one thing: it was the end of the world!

Since I was pretty sure a meteor hadn't hit the house creating a sinkhole in the kitchen floor that immediately filled up with turbid ocean water and man-eating sharks, I finished brushing my teeth before going to see what was causing the screaming.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Miriam put my sock in her cereal bowl and now it's all soggy with milk!" Rachel complained.

Mmmmkay. Here's a question: "How did Miriam get your sock?"

"Well, I put it on the table by her so that I could put on my other sock."

That explains a lot.

Kind of like how Miriam poked Rachel's eye this morning, also while sitting at the breakfast table. I'm sorry, but I have little sympathy for people who are attacked by someone stuck in a booster seat. Miriam can only reach so far, you know, so if you don't get within her reach she can't touch you. A million problems solved with only one answer. I'm a genius. If only I could get Rachel to stay out of her space...

Fortunately, Rachel has more than one pair of socks so this dilemma was easily solved. I'm so glad that today was not only a preschool day but also a Sunbeam Swap day—that means that Rachel is over at her friend Asher's house for the afternoon. Miriam is napping...and I think that's where I'll be headed shortly.

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