Thursday, October 06, 2011

Interviews with Miriam

Like most children, my children have changed their minds about Halloween costumes several times this month already. And it's only the 6th of October (Hi, Egypt. And Israel. And Syria. You're all winners!).

Rachel first wanted to be a witch. Now she wants to be Princess Leia. There may have been something else in between; I can't remember.

Miriam's ideas have been a little greater in number. She first wanted to be Dorothy. Then a witch, then Princess Leia—she was keeping one step behind Rachel, apparently—then a pink princess, and now a happy skeleton (not a scary one).

She also decided just the other day that she doesn't like hot dogs. Andrew wanted mustard with dinner and suggested hot dogs and Miriam said, "Meme not like hot dogs!" I tried to get her to say it again but she wouldn't.


  1. Grace hates Pizza...which of course is Ezra favorite! I know how much Andrew loves hot dogs so we feel your pain her. The girls were easy costume wise. It was Ezra I struggled with this year. Finally he settled on Harry Potter. I figure this is probably the last year this is even really relevant now that the last movie is out so I told him, fine but it has to stick!

  2. Gareth doesn't get to change his mind about his costume. We put a lot of work into his costume, so once he says he likes an idea a month or two before Halloween, he has to stick with it (of course, this is the first year he's expressed any ideas of his own about a costume anyway). This may change in future years if he wants to be things that are relatively easy to put together. But when my mom is making a pattern and I'm (attempting) to sew the costume and we're likely investing in a decent bald cap...yeah, he doesn't have much flexibility. :)

  3. Wow! I can't wait to see Gareth's costume!