Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hair curling

Yesterday Rachel earned a session of hair-curling by yours truly. She did her dishes without crying and then helped clean the kid bathroom without whining so I let her choose a prize. 

"Will you curl my hair?" she asked.

So I told her I would. And then I did.

"You're not very good a curling hair," she told me. "Grandma's really good at it because she does it everyday. Maybe if you curled your hair everyday you'd be better at curling my hair."

When Andrew saw Rachel's hair he mentioned, once again, that I had never used my curling iron on myself. And that I had only used it twice since he gave it to me for my birthday in June—once to curl Josie's hair and once to curl Rachel's hair. 

Today I curled my own hair, just to stick it to him. And it was hard—no wonder I hardly ever do this! I have no idea what the back looks like but it must look alright because no one has said otherwise. Andrew even noticed my hair and complimented me on it...right before hitting the books again. I don't think I'll be curling my hair again until we have a night out planned. But then again, I certainly could use the practice beforehand.

Here's a rather unflattering self-portrait to prove that I used my curling iron on myself:

You're welcome.

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  1. You really should curl your hair more! That looks fantastic!