Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You've been ghosted

Start time: 1:00 PM
End time: 10:00 PM

The last time I made sugar cookies with the girls was in February, right before Valentine's Day. I think it's safe to say that it will be at least another eight months before I take on a project of this scale again. 

Nine hours of cookie-making? Yikes!

First we put Miriam down for a nap. 

Then we got the butter out to soften it. Then we creamed it. 

Then Rachel and I watched The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina (the creaming wasn't going so well).

Then Miriam woke up because I checked on her and Rachel, who was right behind me, belted out, "IS MIRIAM AWAKE?" And then, suddenly...Miriam was awake. No surprise there.

Then we mixed the dough together, taking turns measuring and stirring and tasting.

Then we rolled out the dough and cut out ghost shapes using an angel cookie cutter—and we tasted a lot of dough, occasionally even getting cookies on the cookie sheets to bake. 

Once all the cookies were baked, we cleaned the kitchen.

Then we made dinner.

Then we ate dinner.

Then we cleaned the kitchen.

Then I made icing.

Then we had our Family Home Evening lesson.

Then I iced some cookies, melted some chocolate, and let the girls loose to draw faces on the ghosts.

Then we made Daddy print out the "You've Been Ghosted" signs so we could secretly deliver cookies to our neighbours. That's the whole reason we made cookies in the first place: we were ghosted.

Then we put our cookies on plates, wrapped them up and taped the ghost notes to them.

Then Rachel and I doorbell-ditched them at a couple of our neighbours' houses (while Miriam cried in the get-away car with Daddy—life is so unfair!). Rachel decided that doorbell-ditching was the funnest thing she has ever done in her whole life and asked if we could do it "all night long." 

I said no.

Then we got the girls ready for bed, had scriptures and prayer, read stories, sang songs, and threatened to take away the night lights if they were so scared of the shadows that they couldn't sleep. 

No light = no shadows = nothing to be scared of. 

Oh, but you'd rather have the light on? Then ignore the shadows.

Then I switched some laundry over.

Then I iced cookies until I ran out of icing.

Then I cleaned up the kitchen for the third time today. 

Part of me never wants to see a cookie ever again. 

Part of me knows that I will definitely torture myself like this again. Why? Because the girls love "helping" me make cookies. They have so much fun and are so cute doing it. 

That makes it worth all the mess and craziness. Right?


  1. totally worth it. for me. i cleaned your kitchen 0 times and saw cute pictures. i win ghosting!!! :)

  2. You are a good mom. Like Martha Stewart only without the inside trading...