Monday, November 28, 2011

Cop out post

It was bound to happen at some point or other this month—you know, writing a post about nothing because it's twenty to midnight and anything I have to say will take too long to say so instead I say nothing at all. When your husband, who has been working on homework nonstop for the entire Thanksgiving break (which he said would be "almost free" of homework) asks you to play a game and share a bowl of popcorn with him because he's completely burned out, though, you jump at the chance.

Even if it's NaBloPoMo and it means you run out of time to write an actual blog post.

And so you write a cop-out post like this one.

In other news, Andrew has completed 3 out of 4 grad school applications. The clock is ticking and we still have to figure out how to get transcripts from AUC—Egypt is having parliamentary elections right now so school is out of session.

Two thoughts on that:

1) Hi. Why don't we get days off of school to vote? I guess when you've always been able to vote it's nothing at all like a holiday.

2) Um...we kind of need people to be working so that we can get our transcripts....come on!


  1. Umm, my guess is that any grad school out there would accept "I did my master's at AUC in Egypt and I'm having trouble obtaining my transcripts because of all the societal upheaval" as an excuse. For a few days, at least. Good luck with that!

  2. You could attach what Bridget wrote to an unofficial transcript, that would at least give them something to look at while they are waiting for the official one.

  3. Yes; we may end up having to do that. 3 of the 4 schools asked for unofficial transcripts, anyway...