Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Well, here it is 10:59 PM, and Andrew finally got his PMF notice. Hello, DC! It's like one o'clock in the morning for you! You shouldn't be sending out notices! You should be going to bed.

That said, thanks for not making us wait until tomorrow.

And in case you, my dear readers, are wondering...

Andrew's a semi-finalist! He'll be interviewing in Colorado this month—sometime between taking the GRE, being a guest lecturer at Weber State, Thanksgiving, and everything else. Busy month.

Too bad we have no idea what to do with our future selves.

But for right now, at this moment, we're just excited. So excited, in fact, that after I wrote "Andrew's a semi-finalist!" I took a break from typing to clap my hands. Twice. *clap* *clap*

Don't worry if you think that's weird. I did, too.

But I'm just a little happy for him.