Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Thankful Tree 2011

Yesterday for Family Home Evening we talked about the first Thanksgiving in Utah. Then we went around and said some things that we were thankful for. When it was Miriam's turn she paused to "hmmmm" before saying, "I am sankful for mine samily!"

It was very sweet. Her family loves her, too, that's for sure!

Then Miriam decided she was cold and climbed into my sweater.

It was a little bit awkward.

But the most awkward part of all is when she decided to get out and slipped through the bottom.

This afternoon we got around to constructing this year's Thankful Tree. Karen found a whole stack of orangey-brown construction paper at the ward swap in September so we've been doing a lot of mono-tone crafts. Fortunately it's fall and a lot of things just happen to be orangey-brown. We made pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns last month and now we've this great big tree. I need to think of more orangey-brown crafts to do...

Rachel, Miriam, and I coloured the leaves and wrote on them things we are thankful for, including the list from yesterday. In this picture, Rachel is doing the yogic "tree pose," not trying to shield it from a chainsaw or anything. Miriam didn't want a picture with the tree today because her thumb got smashed in the dress-up box and she just wanted to be held.

Here's what we're thankful for so far:
  • Crayons (Rachel)
  • Music (Rachel)
  • Paper (Rachel)
  • Baby Nora and Pink Blanket (Rachel)
  • Meme's doll (Miriam)
  • Toys (Rachel)
  • Heaters (Andrew) 
  • Scriptures (me) 
  • My Little Ponies (Rachel)
  • Temples (me) 
  • My baby sister (Rachel)
  • Clean water (me)
  • Church (me)
  • Jobs (me)
  • Electric blankets (me)
  • The prophet (me)
  • My family (Miriam)
  • Happy children (Andrew)
  • Prayer (me)
  • My thumb (Miriam)
  • You! (Rachel)

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