Friday, November 04, 2011

A new pair of mittens

The elastic on Miriam's mittens isn't very elasticky anymore and all the mittens in our "winter stuff" box are too big for her. And so I decided I'd try to make a pair of mittens for her by myself. I found a pattern online that looked easy enough and went to work. It took me two days to make them—one day for each mitten, though I certainly didn't dedicate my whole day to mitten-making—and I think they turned out nicely.

On the first mitten I somehow managed to crochet the thumb part inside out so I had to redo it. Unfortunately I only noticed that after I had finished off and weaved in all the ends. It took me twice as long to unravel it as it did to crochet it in the first place. But now the thumb matches the rest of the mitten so it was worth it, I guess.

My stitches are always too tight so the mittens aren't as soft as I was hoping, but for my first try I think they're great. And Miriam loves them. She modeled them for Daddy and said, "Look! Mommy made me new mittens!" with a big grin on her face. That definitely makes the project worth it.

Now Rachel wants me to make a new pair of mittens for her because I "never make anything for [her]."

Right...and what was her Princess Leia headband, nothing?

She's also informed me that she wants to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween next year and that she wants me to make her a red cape and black mittens and a flowered dress and a basket. I told her we'd let that idea simmer for a while and see how she feels about it next year, sometime around September or October.

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  1. I'm super envious. I've always wanted to learn how to knit/crochet (I know they're probably totally different, but I'm too stupid to know what is what.) They are so cute!! Good job.