Thursday, November 17, 2011


Apparently I was outvoted on Proposition 1—We Should Have a Good Day Again—because instead of being greeted by happy children this morning I was greeted by a throwing-up Rachel.

Fortunately Miriam assured me that she's happy.

This is round three of the stomach flu, folks. Round three!

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  1. Well, I am very sorry, but I think that besides her outstandingly wonderful temperament that Rachel inherited from me, she also inherited my outstandingly wonderful propensity to vomit. As a child I did it very often. I thought it was normal. When my own children only did it every few months, I thought it was very weird. Don't all kids throw up all the time? So...I apologize for how plentifully Rachel got sprinkled with my genes. I am sure she will end up with at least one toe-thumb, too.