Tuesday, November 15, 2011


As far as being a parent goes, today certainly didn't rank in my top 100. Rachel woke up grumpy and seemed to only get grumpier as the day progressed. Today it was my turn for the Sunbeam Swap, which meant that she had two friends over to play (the third couldn't come today, which probably was a very, very good thing) after school. Rachel was downright cruel—kicking, hitting, yelling, stealing toys, twisting arms, bossing, etc.

She spent most of the three hours they were over in time out, screaming all the while. 

She screamed about just about anything and everything after they left, too. 

She screamed so much, and so prolongedly, that Miriam didn't end up taking a nap. Or if she did it only lasted for twenty minutes or so. 

So I put the girls to bed early tonight. 

And then Rachel cried from her bed while Miriam pounded on the door. 

Finally I went in there, hastily put Miriam back in bed and hissed at them, "I don't want to hear another peep out of either you!"

I think I would have handled an iffy bedtime a lot better today if I hadn't spent the past 7.5 hours listening to Rachel scream about everything.

For example:

I want to watch a show. I don't want to do the dishes. If you don't read me another story I'm not going to brush my teeth. I don't want to put on my pyjamas. Why did you take away my dinner? I'm still hungry. No! I don't want to finish my cookie. I'm full. I want a snack. Of course I washed my hands! Get me a drink. Where is my blanket? I hit Miriam because she was playing with the toy I wanted to play with. It's not my fault. It's hers. You're a bad mom. Don't laugh at me. I want the pink cup. Open this door right now! Turn my nightgown right side out! Where's my baby Norah? Give me ice water. I don't want to pick up my crayons. I want to watch a movie! That's not fair. It's too hard!

Imagine a continuous stream of that for seven hours (at full blast) accentuated by a bit of foaming at the mouth and flailing of the limbs. Add in one grumpy toddler who missed her afternoon nap. Subtract one father who is in Colorado for an interview. 

Now ask me how my day went...

Fortunately, I haven't heard a peep out of either of them. 

I think that was the first time Rachel was obedient all day. And it was probably a good decision on her part.

I just went to check on them and they're both sleeping like angels. Before 8:00? They really must have been tired!

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  1. For the first time in his little life, Espen didn't nap today either. I'd love to blame it on something in the air, because that means it might not ever happen again. I think we know better!