Saturday, March 31, 2012

Conference Weekend

General Conference starts tomorrow—the girls are pretty excited about it but I know that excitement will wane quickly. Conference talks aren't known to hold children's attention so like a lot of mothers out there I've spent some time this evening looking for activities for the girls to do that will hopefully help them pay attention (at least for a little while) and also keep them quiet and occupied so that I can pay attention.

I liked this idea about collecting conference eggs because my girls are rather excited about Easter as well as conference. I did not, however, like the execution—the eggs are just ovals instead of lop-sided ellipticals and for some reason that really bothered me. So I made up my own template, using pictures from the conference squares on I printed off (this) basket for each of the girls to make and then made up some eggs for them to colour while they listen to conference. The idea with the "topic" eggs is that they will colour the egg when they hear a speaker mention the topic. The other sheets are simply because they need something to keep their hands busy.

Then (for Rachel, specifically) I made a worksheet to use when the prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, speaks. I can't say I'm thrilled with how it turned out but it's midnight and conference is in the morning so I called it good enough. The picture is from the church website. We learned the song Stand for the Right last year in primary and are singing it again this year so I used the words from that because they're familiar to Rachel (and to Miriam, who gets a copy of this too because even though she can't write yet she certainly thinks she can).

I know there are already so many activities out there but Andrew said that I should add mine to the pot. I think these papers, along with a couple of other colouring sheets, along with lego and the dollhouse and the toy kitchen should help us get through tomorrow's sessions of conference. And then tomorrow night after I put the girls to bed I'll probably look for a couple of different activities to do for the Sunday sessions.


  1. Thanks for making these! I was just searching online for something to help Emmy accomplish her goal of watching all of General Conference. (A worthy, yet probably unattainable goal, unfortunately.)

  2. Love it! We'll be using your ideas tomorrow, since I'm not on the ball :D

  3. Man, I wouldn't have noticed all the oval eggs if you hadn't mentioned it! Now it's bugging me too, so I think I'll use yours for a preschool activity... :) (Good thing you made them!)

  4. So, I really wish there was an "undo" like in gmail (I love that feature). Anyways--I forgot to say thanks!